Dr. Ish’s Relationship Rescue & Recovery Boot Camp

Your relationship is in a destructive rough patch.
You’re horrified you may never come out of it.

You and your partner used to be happy together, but lately everything feels difficult. You’re hitting roadblocks every step of the way and you have no idea how to make it better.

Your relationship cannot get better if you stick with the path you’re on: NO ACTION.

Dr. Ish Major’s: Relationship and Recovery Bootcamp is your guide to uncovering the real problems with your relationship.

This course is a lifelong resource that never expires. You WILL become the guru for your own relationship in SIX WEEKS.

The Relationship Rescue and Recovery Bootcamp Includes:

  • A rundown of the 6 Relationship Killers - and how to overcome them
  • A weekly video coaching session through Skype with Dr. Ish
  • Weekly access to the Boot Camp blogs matching the specific topics on the video coaching sessions
  • The Rescue and Recovery workbook designed to help you identify and overcome your hang ups
  • Direct email contact with Dr. Ish so you can get your individual relationship crisis questions answered twice weekly

Your relationship cannot afford to remain in its current state. SIGN UP TODAY for Dr. Ish Major’s: Relationship Rescue and Recovery Bootcamp. Take back control of your love life.




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